The PMPL INFRACITY PVT. LTD. Group of comany PMPL CARE ASSOCIATES is a leading Ploting company that provides a wide range of any size plot to businesses and individuals around the state. With a fleet of modern and well-maintained amenities, the company is able to offer reliable and efficient best plot loction and delivery services to its customers. The PMPL Infra City Pvt Ltd has a team of experienced and professional plot sales man who are trained to handle a variety of cargo, including hazardous materials and fragile items. The company also has a range of security measures in place to ensure the safety and integrity of all shipments.

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What We Do?

Plot Network Marketing

We create a network of people to sell the plot, network is a force that never breaks once it is formed. And that network fulfils all your dreams which you may have seen with open eyes or may have never seen. which gives a goos personality in the society.

Customer Profit

We register customers from every corner of India with us and provide them benefits through booking. And that benefit keeps them connected with us which helps in the growth of the company and profit of the customer.

Best Plot Location

We always start our projects at a very good location, where one can get the benefit of individual development in the surrounding areas like transport, education, health, religious, commercial etc.

Plot Resale value

We get the project completed at a very good location and with many facilities, due to which the resale value of the customer's plot is good.

Plot Amenities

We make the project complete with all the resources by providing various facilities. Which is useful in daily life and one does not have to face any kind of problem in future.

Customer And Association Award Program

We keep honouring customers and associates by organizing recognition programs from time to time, so that their morale keeps increasing and they never feel demotivated. Because of this, they always get the right guidance to be succesfull.

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